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大和と春、なう。 posted at 5:00 PM


Howowow. I had refrained myself from writing for a looooong time.

I do wish to write and stuff, but I had such limited time since I was super busy and am occupied with tons of work so it somehow hampers my effort to chronicle my life. 'Sides, I didn't enjoy writing in little snippets of posts. It's annoyingly short, and I don't get the meaning of putting few words in one single post just to make sure that my blog doesn't seemed neglected. Besides I've done it once and I realized that I have no ability to execute it nicely-- so I just passed that.

Hence, I had to wait to gather enough time and materials to construct a wholesome post. Wholesome, or long--any adjective you need to describe a fulfilling post. Something that satisfy me.

You know, life as a law student felt neverending. You are constantly glued to your workplace doing piles of works, and whilst undergoing dozens of tests. With a timetable that tense, I have to go out early as 6.30 a.m and went back home the latest, um, 4.00 a.m. maybe? I don't even had enough time to see the sun and get a natural tan you know.
My mother said my current lifestyle will make me fair and fat. T-T
Well, I AM pretty fat now -.-"

So what I need the most is a muse. A form of entertainment that would not dampen my days while cheering me up a little. 

And nothing cheer me the most than  ANIMEEE! 

*make rain dance with crooked move*

Actually you can get the hint from the title of my post: "大和と春、なう。/Yamato to Haru, Nau" which means what it meant; "Yamato and Haru, Now." Haha. Literal much. 

"Yamato" is Kurosawa Yamato from "好きっていいなよ/Sukitte ii na yo./Say "I love you."" while "Haru" is Yoshida Haru from "となりの怪物君/Tonari no Kaibutsukun/The Monster Next to Me". The main male protagonists in both animes who share equally charming looks! 


Yamato! He's a type of typical shoujo-manga guy who we ogle upon sight. He is the most popular student in his school, liked by many because of his personality (and looks too, of course, duh.).

Haru! he's the stoic-type person at a first glance but later episodes reveals his hidden child-like personality. Haru is portrayed as a rebellious-but-genius teen despite him being regularly skipping school. 

So, I (despite of having tons of works to be completed) am currently occupied with these two animes:  好きっていいなよ./Sukitte ii na yo. and となりの怪物君/Tonari no KaibutsukunI know, tak sedar diri much. But I DON'T CARE.

好きっていいなよ./Sukitte ii na yo. tells a story about one Tachibana Mei, an introvert girl who practically dislikes having friends. 

Mei! She's an anti-heroine, a current trend in shoujo mangas. Mei despised people, she distrusted her peers, had no friends since primary school and is soooo quiet that she basically didn't leave any impression. So it's just given that people envy her when she started to be close with Yamato. But one thing I like about Mei is her love of cats. Cats-lover joining tha' hood! *yow yow yow yow*

Okay, back to earth. 

So Yamato, the most popular guy basically attracted to Mei, the most un-popular girl in school. Cliche premise, huh? I thought so too. It all started when Mei accidentally hurts Yamato (with a roundhouse kick) which resulted Yamato being instantly attracted to her. He chased her since then, but further pursuits by Yamato was of to no avail. 

He greeted her everyday, gave him his numbers, but Mei just flatly rejected his offer of friendship.


So this one day when Mei was on the way home from part-time job in local bakery, she was followed by a regular customer. *PANIC-MODE :ON* Realizing that she was being stalked, she enters a local konbini and called her mother, but she couldn't be reached. So panicked Mei had no choice but to call Yamato since she had no other entries in the phone--she basically had two contact numbers in her mobile phone--one is her mother's, while another is the bakery shop where she's part-timing.

Yamato then came to her rescue, and ward off the stalker with a weird solution. That is...?

Brohohoho *insert Mordney's laugh*

Guise, you know I don't spill the beans. Brohohohoho.

となりの怪物君/Tonari no Kaibutsukun meanwhile tells a story of one Mizutani Shizuku, a girl who cares nothing about others but her grades.

Shizuku! She had no interest in nothing other than her books and logarithms. She put utter dislikes on boys (and other human beings) up until her homeroom teacher assigned her to pass a file of papers to Yoshida Haru, a practically non-existent boy (for the fact that he skips class so much that nobody remembers him) seated next to her in class.
Haru, being a person that wish for real friends took that as a cue that Shizuku's offering him friendship. And to Shizuku's dismay, he followed her persistently ever since!

Their inevitable meeting results in other encounters with new friends; and new experience to both Haru and Shizuku :)

Both Sukitte ii na yo. and Tonari no Kaibutsukun are mangas serialized in Desserts and were chosen together to have anime adaptation. Both too, are still an ongoing series, so I didn't know whether their story will follow the manga illustration per illustration or will depart from it--we shall see.

Well, putting away the current circumstances of my life, I came to a realization that I often feasts myself with constant squirms that I get from watching shoujo animes. Izzit just me, or shounen anime lacks originality nowadays? I mean, the theme and premise of shounen anime does get repetitive over time. Well, I am still equally drawn to shounen animes but currently, shoujo anime predominates my interest! Gaaaah! What the hell happened to me? *slaps self*

But really, personally, I fancy Tonari no Kaibutsukun over Sukitte ii nayo

It has more convincing premise, a solid character development and pretty nice art as well as good seiyuu choice. Sukitte ii na yo. meanwhile elaborates on a...well, blatantly said, CRAPPY idea and is too remote to be related to real life. I mean, HONESTLY, guise, do you really think that a hottie like Yamato could actually be interested on a plain-Jane? And after being injured from a roundhouse kick? You gotta be kidding be. Generally, no one could be that nice.
If someone kicked me, I'll retaliate with a choke slam.

The whole start itself is dubious and debatable so I don't reckon that something could actually sprout so convincingly after such shaky beginning. Besides, Yamato is portrayed with flawless characteristics; he's like an angel-- good looking, awesomely tall, have good hair that stay even in the most vicious wind and rain and on top of everything, he's super nice with prince charming-y attitude.

Gila tamak nak semua sifat Mahmudah!

It doesn't exudes sincerity or realness when I saw the storyline develop so shabbily. Pretty sad actually, since Mei is so relatable to everyone (if not everyone, I am, definitely) but Yamato's character seemed too far-fetched.

The only good thing that I can gush from his character is the fact that my all-time favourite seiyuu, Sakurai Takahiro lent his voice for Yamato!
But considering this series still save-able, I'll preserver and bear myself to watch it till the end. :)

On the other hand, Tonari no Kaibutsukun has everything that Sukitte ii na yo. lacks. Well, generally in art department maybe they had simpler character design comparing to Sukitte ii na yo. but I have nothing than praises for such amazing story.

Tonari no Kaibutsukun too is not a drag, it doesn't goes on and on and on and on with boring dialogues like some certain shoujo anime may tend to develop. I has pretty fast pace; sometimes a bit action-packed in some scenes, all in a good way. I totaaally love the way they construct the story. I fact, Haru had confessed to Shizuku on the first episode!
Wohoooow! I let a cat out of the bag. Oh, well. Just one cat. Won't let the rest out.

Haru's (he shared similar name and attitude with my Haru :P ) character too is AHMAZING! I love the way they put Haru as someone so invincible at one moment while on the other he turned to be pretty vulnerable. He is very animated (literally and figuratively), is a lively character complete with teenage angst and frustration.

Besides, he has a pet chicken nicknamed Nagoya. 

Haru and Nagoya. hahaha. Tak bole comel lagi?

BTW, both animes are my recommendation these times around. They let butterflies out of your belly and make you squirm because certain scenes exudes just pure cuteness!

But yeah, Tonari no Kaibutsukun > Sukitte ii na yo.
4.5/5 > 3.5/5

Have fun cooing while watching! XD

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