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Que sera, sera. posted at 11:48 AM


Weehu. Lama tak menjenguk. Dah berabuk dah blog ni. Nasib bawak feather duster bagai.

This is actually my first post in 2013. Talking about being a true-blue hipster, huh. Dah nak middle year baru tercanguk dpn laptop thinking about things to write. So many things had passed during the first half of the year. 

I finished LLB, graduated, attended the convocation, went to Vietnam, acquired pupillage placement, witnessed my brother's wedding and participated in my first (the nation's 13th and mostly marred with controversy) election.

Wow. And no way on earth I'm going to sum up every matters in one post. Let's take Paul McCartney's words by the heart. And just let them be, let them be. 

Actually, I do get inquiries and stuff, asking why didn't I blog much nowadays. Compared to before, my life is not drop dead boring or atrociously monotonous these times around (considering that pupillage managed to get my life "happening"), but it's just my choice not to chronicle everything to its tiniest detail like everybody does. Amongst my peers, I do hold a reputation being notoriously private by myself. Except with some, I don't find it necessary to share things that I consider secret with the world at large.

It's just not my style.

So, sticking to that, I'm not going to report the shenanigans happening around me, regardless how interesting or juicy they may be, if I think nothing good comes from it. 
After all, being modest, is sometimes important. 

But then, when exactly is the appropriate event for you to draw your "humility" line?

Current trend is that so many people are posting private stuff online-- they pour their hearts out, shares negativity and hatred, disseminate bull tattle-tale, and get easily convinced with doctored images on the net.

And that happens every single moment. As long as the internet exists.

For these people, the net seems to be a sanctum. In a sense, I do agree. Internet appears to be an utopia where everyone could speak with utmost freedom. But most of these people who speak like a warrior are shielding behind their keyboards. They try to champion what they think is right.

For me, trying to coerce people into believing what we believe is nonsense. You cannot force someone into believing into something. This is what I struggle to explain to all my friends who tries to convince me that their ideas are the best and I should take them as shining examples.

I'm not saying that whatever you had in mind is all bulls. At one point, you must be right. It's just that, when you try to impart your thoughts to someone else, you must also be ready to be rejected. Not everyone shares with you the same ideals.

And when people rejected your thoughts, don't respond with a disgust. People simply have a different interpretation or a different approach.

Differences are to be celebrated and respected. Why can't you respect someone else's opinion, when you yourself wish the same? When you think you are entitled to your opinion, so does everyone else. What makes others different than you?

I think, that's our current society really lacks nowadays. 

When we believe into something, we agree to it. 
We absorbed in it. 
We get extreme with it. 
We started to think, hey, this is the rightest way, but why don't A agree with me? 
Or, why did B try to deny the "truth"?

And then we try to convince A and B to agree with our ideas.

When A and B refused/failed to do so, we bash them, we subject them to mutiny, we demonize them.
What kind of society we're living in now? So, now we could not even get others to have their OWN thoughts on things?
People here and there, far and wide speaks about democracy rhetorically. But they failed to grasp the spirit of democracy by themselves.  

So, for me, that is where you draw the line.

Be modest. Don't be an extremist. Lead your life, your thoughts, your intuitions simply. Don't try to get others to think in the same lines with you when they are resisting to it. You can lay out your opinions in one issue without being repulsive or emotional. Be professional. Control your ego.

Be PATIENT. Be VERY PATIENT. If that could not work, take a chill pill and retreat. You know very well that anger kills. And most important of all, respect others. Aretha Franklin does give a nice advice once in a while.

After all, anybody would appreciate a slice of humble pie.

I go by pseudonyms. Secretive much? Not so much.
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