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Nobunaga Concerto. posted at 2:03 PM


Hai, semee! (sebut ala-ala Siti Sifir)

Pejam celik, pejam celik, it has been almost a year I didn't update my blog. Kind of an amazing feat for me, The Vain Empress herself who used to make at least a post a month previously, regardless of the content of the post. 

I really do want to update you guys about my life and whatever things that I found interesting, I really do. It's just that I have this occupying illness in my mind, you see. This inconspicuous thing embedded in me, my mental writer's bloc--

(Malas, cakap je laaa!)

Gahhhh! So, yes. I am pemalas liddat.

So! Sticking with the usual "Amal-style", instead of updating my followers with whoever schmucks I met or whatever shiet I did all this year, today, I decided to review the new addition of my Ani-Colle 「アニコレ」i.e. Anime Collection!

Introducing Nobunaga Concerto!(信長協奏曲 lit. Nobunaga Kontseruto

Nobunaga Concerto is an anime series detailed on the journey of one Saburou, a normal, textbook-juggler highschooler who suddenly time-slipped into the Sengoku Jidai period (The Warring States Period) of Japan, some 400 years ago. There, he found himself encountered the young Oda Nobunaga, who, by coincidence, has his exact same  physical features (or, should it be the other way round..?)

Anyway! Oda Nobunaga asked Saburou to take his place, as Oda Nobunaga has a weak body and could not, in such physical state, at that material time, be fit to inherit the Oda family. Saburou agreed, since, of course, when you found someone mounted a horse, dressed in Jidaigeki garb, spoke in feudal language, handed you one awesome-looking wakizashi, the first thing you'll say is "Sureeeeee!"

Sheesh. I wish to kick some sense into Saburou's head.

Who is Oda Nobunaga you asked meeee? 

You see, Oda Nobunaga is a powerful, let me put some emphasis; A POWERFUL samurai warlord of Japan in the late 16th century, who initiated the unification of Japan before his efforts later consolidated by his successors. You see, prior to the Tokugawa Shogunate, Japan is a country torn by strife, so every territory were usually governed by a warlord. Nobunaga, an amazing warfare tactician with his own hands, took to unite these separate territories into a country that we know today-- Japan. 

Japanese history, especially during Sengoku Jidai is intricate, hence rather difficult to understand, but I reaaaaally advised you to at least learn a bit about the history of Oda Nobunaga. Masing-masing ada smartphone whaat. Google sudeh. History won't disappoint yuuuuuu!

However, I initially watched Nobunaga Concerto with the expectation of seeing the infamous Oda Nobunaga time-slipped into the current world and found a newfound interest being a conductor in a concerto. I genuinely thought the series will be a mash of Chonmage Purin X Nodame Cantabile-- since the the title kinda indicated the series to be as such. 

But I was wrong!

Evidently, "Concerto" in this particular case is not the usual definition of "Concerto". "Concerto" in Nobunaga Concerto pretty much depicts the a abstract definition, I guess. Since, if you analyze the tactics employed by Nobunaga in his quest to unify Japan, they were all contrasting movements akin to the literal definition of "Concerto".

Tak sampai mungkin point aku di atas. Aku merepek mungkin. Kah!

This anime (originally manga of the same title by Ishii Ayumi-sama serialized in Shogakukan) is actually the gem of the year. Initially, I thought this could be some cheaply-produced anime, since the animation is bad. I mean, VERY BAD. It IS bad according to the current Japanese animation standard.

*Jangan marah, Saburou/Nobunaga. Kebenaran itu pahit.

For me, it looks like an animation juxtaposed in between some sort of cheap, CGI-laden with very flat 2D animation. The characters designs were somehow weird, and the art style is questionable, but I found the movements were pretty natural. (This comes from someone who could not even recognise a legit animation software. Me.) But I wonder whether this is intentional on the part of FujiTV as the producers. 

Or maybe they just didn't have money. Who knows.

But this series has an amazing array of voice actors. In a way or another, it contributes so much to the story and kind of function to conceal the glaring defects in the animation. Another good point that I found is that the music adapted into the series gave amazing eargasm. Seriously.  This "Fukagyaku Replace" by MY FIRST STORY!

Trivia: Hiro the Vocalist of MY FIRST STORY is the younger brother of Taka from ONE OK ROCK. 

Not only the ED is awesome, I found the whole musical accompaniment to the series is good. Almost as good as Rurouni Kenshin's soundtrack. Masaru Yokoyama (Music Director) is da man! 

So, for me, the anime is 4 out of 5! I found my self kept on watching and rewatching the episodes. I could not get enough, simply put. I learn a lot from this series, and I enjoy each and every moment Saburou's on the screen. Saburou, even though for the fact that he was only a nisemono (fake) Nobunaga, tried his hardest to make sure that his actions did not depart from history. At the same time, he did not lose his modern charm and teenage naivete. He never adopt feudal language in his words or got lost into Oda Nobunaga characteristics. He stays true to himself, the common high schooler  during the entire series. 

* I found him cool, even though he's the type of guy that I'll avoid during high school.

I think that's amazing. (i.e. He is voiced by Miyano Mamoru-sama. There are more than a few occasions that I  melted due to Mamo's voice. Damn.)

Oh yeah! Did I tell you Oguri Shun did the narration. Yessss. THE Oguri Shun. He's playing the live-action drama of Nobunaga Concerto as well!

*Haha. Comel Oguri Shun, walaupun sudah bergelar bapak orang.

So! Please do give this animation a chance. This underdog might as well surprise you. *wink!*


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