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Tonbi. posted at 9:57 PM


Ecece. Tak penah dibuat aku ni tetibe ghajen update blog. Tebiat plak Amalina, dah pehal? Sorry ye rakan-rakan. Actually takde lah penting mana pun post aku kali ni. Cuma ada satu drama yang aku rasa sesuai dikongsikan bersama rakan dan taulan untuk kita ambil pengajaran bersama (my cheesy attempt to speak in proper standard BM usually ended up sounding like a tacky RTM's Public Service Announcement)


This izzit! TONBI!

^official poster. Starring Uchino Masaaki, Saito Takeru (insert silent kya! kya!)

Lama aku tak buat review drama kan? Last time YamaNade kot, around... 2009? Whoiyo. Lama tu. So, hopefully review kali ini eksklusiflah hendaknya. BAHAHAHAAA

^Tonbi correlation chart^

What does Tonbi means, you asked? (okay, fine, takde sapa pun tanya). "Tonbi" in Japanese is a type of hawk, specifically the Black Kite or Milvus migrans, a type of predator bird.  

Kacak kan?

When a Black Kite spread their wings on the sky, they definitely looks like kites. They are brooding, intimidating, but at the same time, their wings seemed to offer protection. I think this is why "Tonbi" is used as an imagery to signify the premise of the story.

Okay, kembali kepada root of the matter. Selalu sangat stray dari tajuk saya ni. Mintak maaf.

Tonbi, is a story of a father, Ichikawa Yasuo (Uchino Masaaki) who lost his wife when their son (Sato Takeru) was three years old. He took care of little Akira from kindergarten up to the University by himself and did not remarry. Basically, his life revolves around his son.

Same old premise? Here's the catch.

The thing is, Ichikawa Yasuo is an orphan himself. He never grew up with parents and never know how to raise a child. Quoting him, Ichikawa's idea of raising a child is: "A series of neverending misfortunes." On top of that, he's what the others call a village idiot--he's very loud, very brash, a brute and a slapdash--an absolutely not a husband of father material. Naturally, he faces numerous turbulence to raise a son as a single parent. 

However, Akira on the other hand did not inherit anything at all from his father. He's a well-groomed, restrained young man; a distinguished person. A complete antithesis of Yasuo's persona. 

But does that means that both of them will but heads and create conflicts? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

That's the beauty of this drama. 

Akira, is a well-educated man, and he was NEVER embarrassed by his father. Bear in mind Yasuo is uneducated, a hotheaded village brute. Whilst most of the children are embarrassed by the antics of their parents, Akira was unexpectedly welcoming with his father's actions and reactions. It was especially touching for me to see. 

Tonbi somehow clutch my hands and drag me back to the right path. It kinda shows that I should not deviate myself from that path; I should be good to my parents, I should obey them, and respect them the way they are. Appreciate them.

Uchino Masaaki in this drama was exceptional. He played the role brilliantly with a dash of flair, making the melodrama not too overbearing and the comedy not too slapstick. The balance is amazing. 

Sato Takeru too has a great chemistry with his on-screen dad. I found it adorable whenever they share the screen.  Sato Takeru is my age, so I found it dubious on whether he could be convincing enough to tackle a more grown-up role. But boy, did he deliver! He's on his on Highway to Heaven to be a good actor, definitely. 

Plus! The whole setting of this drama is the Showa era, specifically circa 1960s to late 1990s. So there are no hand-phone scenes, staring-at-the-computer-screen scenes or any other gadgets linking to our era. Surprisingly, I found it refreshing! But be prepared for the horror of the 90s fashion choices -- turtlenecks, scrunchies, middle-parted hair, pleated pants, God, the lists are endless! But the production was meticulous enough to to replicate things to the core, and think they deserve an applause!

Mereka memang ada kimia!

4 out of 5!

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