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Yamato Nadeshiko: The Drama is HEEEREEE!!!!! \(^v^)/ posted at 7:56 AM

Oh. My. God.
This is a dream. Definitely. But I don't want it to be a dream. So this is reall!!!
It's Kame.
It's Teshi.
It's Uchi.
It's Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge!!! (it sounds kinda like pantun rite? ahahahaha...love rhymes.)
Im friggin hyperventilating right now. seeing Kame reprising the role as Kyohei is luuvvv!!! the last drama on Kame that I watched is the oh-so-nostalgic Ichi-poundo no Fukuin! That was like what...last year? Now I'm going to see Kame agaiinn!!!
And Teshi! Oh goodness. He's 23. Baya my brother. But he has this forever-15 look, defeating many girls' charms by leaps and bounds! and to me he's the forever Sakura-nantoka!!! He's the cutie Yuki this time!
And Uchi! Uchi Hiroki!
I never watch this man in drama before, despite of knowing that he starred in Osen with Aoi Yuu, but Im surely excited seeing his name. He's the NEWS ex-member, so it's exciting to see him with Teshi, NEWS's current member.Oh, btw his role is Takenaga!!!! My favourite!

I'm so in loooveeee~~~~tehe!

*some fangirling photos, if you don't mind*

The cast! 

The OST: Love yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~ * It's KAT-TUN for extra dose of ikemen-ness!!! ehe.*

Oh, I love my life.

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